Cameron vs. Jacob Van Acker (Thanksgiving Stuffed)

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Cameron  and Jacob have just come from a nice meal and they are both feeling a bit bloated.  The start to compare each other's guts and although Jacob has the definite edge in size and girth, naturally the two don't stop there when it comes to comparing each other.  Jacob states that he definitely has the larger upper body and back, while it is a tossup with the legs, since Jacob has the larger legs, but Cameron's seems to be more defined.  When Jacob states that it is not about the abdomen, but the arms so someone can gorilla press their opponent, Cameron challenges Jacob to gorilla press him, which he does in short order, and when he drops him on the mat, attacks Cameron from behind and the match is on!
While Jacob manages to control Cameron in the early going of the match, trapping Cameron in a leg scissors and in the ropes, all the while punishing Cameron's abs, Jacob would do well to realize that the Champ wasn't just handed his reputation as one of the best underground wrestlers ever, he worked long and hard to earn each accolade.  So when given the smallest opening, Cameron turns the tables on the unsuspecting Van Acker and delivers a helping hand of punishment on his own, also focusing on his opponent's midsection.
Back and forth the grapplers go until one is finally able to get his opponent into a sleeper hold.  But can he hold it long enough for his opponent to be put to sleep, or will the slip out of his clutches and turn the tables once again?  Luckily for the victor, a prolonged close up of the sleeper delivers the finality that they are looking for, and we have a definite winner.  But who will it be?  Whichever wrestler it is will be thankful for that little bit of extra they ate beforehand to give them the needed energy to overcome their foe, even if the extra helpings does mean a little bit of a bloated midsection!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  35 minutes, 53 seconds

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I'm loving the beefier Jacob Van Acker! Especially in the skimpy gear that he's sporting in this video. Fingers crossed that we get to see more of him and his thicc physique.

Must buy for fans of Jacob or Size Difference

The body comparison and banter at the start was very very hot. Jacob looks great with all the muscle he's put on and it's hot seeing him use them wreck and humiliate Cameron, who's as lean and ripped as ever. Jacob spends most of the match muscling Cameron around but Cameron does manage to get some offense in and put Jacob's beefy body on display. Only thing that could have made this match hotter would have been some body splashes from Jacob but this is a 5 star match regardless.


Woof! Is Jacob bulkin up? Get big and beefy, sexy boy! Then get oiled up and punished. 😍

Great match up

Great match between 2 ring veterans. Jacob looks amazing especially when doling out wedgie punishment on Cameron's sweet ass.
Would love to see Jacob use his new size advantage to deliver punishing body splashes and thunderous leg drops on his opponents.

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