Cameron vs. Gabe Steele (Chase for the Championship)

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Just how desirable is the W4H Championship belt?  How about desirable enough for Cameron and Gabe Steele to go at each other and forego any trash talking?  The Champ, known for his trash talking, is all business in this tournament match, and Gabe, who has been known to throw a barb or two at his opponent, lets his wrestling ability speak for itself.  And each uses all of the tools of the trade against each other.  All of the tricks one can think of, from straight on slaps to the chest and German upper cuts, to pile drivers and tying his opponent in the ropes are on display here.  We even get to see Cameron in his classic surfboard move on a prone Gabe's back.  Classic!
The two go at other hot and heavy, using a cookie tin, a steel chair and anything else they can find to help them to gain an advantage.  There are several near falls notched, but neither is able to get the other to concede, even after several consecutive bulldogs or body slams.  You won't find another match like it in the tournament for its sheer brutality and physicality.  There is no holding back here.
It is only when the match moves to outside the ring that one is finally able to gain an advantage over the other.  Jumping from the top onto his waiting opponent on the outside and then suplexing him through a table, a victor is finally determined.  But will it be the Greatest Story Ever Told or will be Gabe in what would be an upset over the more experienced Cameron.  You'll have to watch to find out, and I can guarantee, you will be glad you did!  Destined to be a classic!
Total running time:  26 minutes, 27 seconds

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Best Match Ever

One of my favorite matches ever. Hot action and love the use of chairs and a table. Both look hot in their wrestling gear.

Larry Krzyzanowski
My Dream Match Come True

A must see video. Non stop action. Cameron totally annihilated the arrogant and mouthy Gabe Steel. Plus he is hot in those black leather trunks. Cameron rocks.

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