Cameron vs. Ethan Andrews (Tickle)

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Me and Ethan challenge each other to a friendly bet between buds. This vid is like a clear window into our friendship, and the playful back-n-forth that makes us great opponents. Shirts off, we compare bods and pound chests...until I surprise him with a crushing squeeze that drives him into the floor. I press my superior musculature into his backside and coil my leg around like a snake until I hear his pain filled groans. I press my shoes into his, noticing his laces aren’t secured. Amateur move. Now I’m determined to get those shoes off, AND make him kiss my feet!

Off come the baggy shorts, exchanged for some nice tight singlets, black for me, blue for him. We slide into our singlets slowly, talkin’ trash all the while. Some playful pushing and shoving leads to our first lockup, and a choice kick from me. It’s clear now that this match is all about the feet. We tangle on the mat, and I remove his shoes, only to force him to inhale. He gets mine off, and the tickling starts. Ethan manages to get me ass up, tickling me through my white socks.

Ethan kicks and flails, only to secure me awkwardly in the ropes with my legs spread wide, where he tickles my inner thighs, driving me absolutely crazy from the stimulation. He suspends me upside down like a sleeping bat, then rolls me out and rolls my singlet off, using it as a strangulation rope. But I rise up like a titan and pay him back for that, crushing him in my arms and showing him what a piledriver can do. Socked feet in his face, he will now know the true meaning of tickling humiliation. It’s anybody’s match, and the humiliating spladle finish is epic…!

Runtime: 31 minutes, 21 seconds

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