Cameron vs. Ethan Andrews (Manager & Guest Ref)

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Time for me and Ethan Andrews to go at it again, but this time, there’s some dirty dealing going on from the outside. Surprise guest ref Garrett tries to maintain law and order in the ring, but lean and lithe Ethan Andrews and massive mountain of man meat Max Quivers get to him first to form an “understanding” before the match. 

In leaps yours truly, bright eyed and eager for battle, totally unaware of any shenanigans. I get an elaborate pat down, while Ethan gets nothing. We lockup, and within two seconds Ethan is complaining that I pulled his hair, so ref breaks the hold. Next lockup Ethan takes a handful of my hair and pulls like a bitch, but ref doesn’t step in. I’m punished and penalized for things I’m not even doing (eye poking, using the wrist tape for leverage, pulling on clothes, and nonsense like that), while Quivers yells out that I’m breaking rules from the sidelines. Here’s the thing: I’m NOT breaking any rules. Something’s definitely up. 

Ethan busts my balls, elbows my head, and even kicks me in the side without any help from the ref. With legs entangled, Quives even helps Ethan, but the ref doesn’t do anything. How can I win a match where everybody’s against me? And will ref Garrett get his bribe money, or a more painful payment…?

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 41 seconds

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