Cameron vs. Ethan Andrews (Hotel)

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Some of the best matches ever filmed for W4H have not even occurred in a wrestling.  Sometimes, when two Alpha males have had a bit too much to drink, and they are back in their hotel room, the trash talking starts to to flow, and before you know, the pair is engaged in a little bit of fisticuffs to see who is the better man.  So it is with the Champ and Ethan Andrews.  When Cameron starts to question Ethan's football throwing abilities, Ethan suggests the two go at right on the hotel beds to see who is the better man.  In mere moments, the battle is engaged.
Soon Cameron has the edge over Ethan and besides his vice like grip on him, he decides to go a little "extra-curricular" and throw in some tickling for good measure.  Ethan is very ticklish and can't keep the laughter contained.  Cameron has a plan though, he intends to break out his "greatest hits" playlist, in which he executes moves, from Bret Hart, Rob Van Dam, Rick Rude, the Rock, John Cena and in the grand finale, Mick Foley, whose sidekick "Socko" makes a brief appearance.
After he has thoroughly embarrassed Ethan, Cameron takes him to the shower to hopefully sober him up a little.  The outcome of this impromptu bout was never really in doubt, with Ethan being three sheets to the wind throughout, but much of the enjoyment, as always, comes through Cameron's running commentary and his call outs to past wrestlers and their moves.  Perhaps in the future, Ethan might want to either drink a little less before challenging the Champ, or give himself a buffer between his drinking and the bout.  I am sure he would fare better in the end.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 36 seconds

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