Cameron vs. Ethan Andrews & Gabe Steele

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The world of Underground Wrestling has only a few major players. But there can be only one “King of the Underground”. Cameron has claimed that title for years now, but Ethan, who happens to run an underground wrestling company of his own, disputes that. The two get into what starts as a friendly

argument, each listing the many and varied companies each has worked for. However, this is Cameron’s company, and nobody will claim to be “King of the Underground” in the Champ’s ring! Ethan poses that a match decides once and for all and further, it be a 2 on 1, with Gabe Steel as Ethan’s partner.

One thing no one can match is the trash talking Cameron can dish out, and he has a comeback for every sentence the duo of Andrews and Steel utter. This is his ring, and every needs to know it. Early attempts by Ethan and Gabe (who observe tag rules in fairness to Cameron) prove unsuccessful in forcing Cameron to admit his better and soon Cameron is strutting and cutting his way around the ring.

Unfortunately, although Cameron may have achieved a doctorate in trash talking, is seems that he might not have paid attention in his math courses, because the math is seriously against him, especially when the pair of Ethan and Gabe give up on the tag rules and determine a more traditional 2 on 1 increases their chances significantly. Don’t get me wrong, Cameron can give as much as he gets (including a funny sequence where he is channeling Mick Foley/Mankind/Dude Love), but the relentless attack of the pair finally manager to overwhelm the Champ. Once he is unable to defend himself, Cameron is forced to endure a prolonged beating. Multiple piledrivers, including on a chair, the use of the ring post and then more piledrivers outside the ring finally do in the Champ. Cameron has rarely experienced such a sustained beating, but somehow, I am sure he thinks he is still “King of the Underground” (and who am I to argue?).

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 34 minutes, 45 seconds

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Cameron Destroyed

Cameron is an amazing wrestler with a great body, but his overconfidence is his downfall in this match. He holds his own for awhile before a piledriver leaves him down for a 3 count and a loss. Unfortunately for Cameron, the punishment doesn’t end here. By the end of the video, he is left unconscious outside the ring!


Love to see Ethan getting sweat in blue turpedo…love to see he being a jobber always

Brent Palafox
One of the best

I am a huge fan of Cameron's matches especially those that show him being humiliated and owned by his opponent. If you want to see an arrogant Cameron running his mouth end up beaten and humiliated, this match is for you. More matches of Cameron like this please.

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