Cameron vs. Dick Rick (From The Vault)

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Dick Rick is a widely accomplished pro wrestler. He's obviously stronger than myself. Over 6 feet tall and around 225 pounds. I'm not worried. I've faced bigger, badder and better than him...even if that isn't true. I believe it! So when I get between the ropes to take him on I'm not worried about taking my licks. I know I'm gonna take out more than I dish in this match, but my technical abilities and extraordinary knowledge of wrestling I definitely have a shot at winning.

And worst case, I lose to Dick Rick. Definitely a winning scenario either way I look at it.

The action takes place at a wrestling ring I found just outside Los Angeles. I pick Dick Rick up outside his apartment and we travel to the facility with a few other wrestlers/models. Dick runs his mouth the whole time. Gloating about how great he is and how successful he's going to be.

The action is competitive. I don't think Dick Rick expected me to be such a challenge. What other 170 pound wrestler would offer such a challenge to a Heavyweight? 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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Danny Sanders

One of my favorite purchases from, this match features two of the best in a grudge battle. Dick Rick is the consummate heel with his muscular physique, crafty tactics, and powerful holds. Cameron is much stronger and aggressive in this battle than he was in an earlier bout for another video company as he counters DR's moves and cranks on some punishment of his own on the impressive stud. Great back-and-forth wrestling with classic holds, witty banter, and deadly determination to win from both wrestlers.

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