Cameron vs. Chase Sinn (The Big Bet)

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There's something about arrogance and brashness that I like. That probably explains why I've admired Chase Sinn since the first time I met him. We are both roughly the same age and started wrestling at young ages. In a business filled with grown men, we made sure we stood out as teenagers. 

Chase Sinn recently won the W4H Championship from Marco Thunder. I was impressed with the match, but knew I had far better pro skills than Marco and I felt that I knew Chase well enough to get the victory over him and become champion of my own company. When I told Chase Sinn that I was getting a title shot, he strongly insisted that there be some potential prize for him since he was giving me an opportunity to compete against a real champion. 

Like I said, I am a fan of cockiness, especially when it's backed up by skill and talent. So, what the hell? I bet Chase Sinn that if he won then he could half half ownership of the company for a period of time. What was the worst that could happen from that? Better looking, more talented pro wrestlers taking over the site and dominating the lesser experienced models, dancers and rookies on the site. Doesn't sound all the I think I am nearly as skilled as Chase and definitely wanted the challenge.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 31 seconds

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