Cameron vs. Chase Sinn (Chase For The Championship)

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It's the finals of the Chase for the Championship for W4H's gold belt and Chase Sinn is battling Cameron.  Both are accomplished wrestlers, both are hungry for wins, and both will do just about anything they need to do to achieve victory.  Moves and countermoves dominate the first quarter of the match, each grappler feeling the other out, probing for any weakness they might find.  When a hold is finally applied, their opponent is able to eventually reverse it and the two start again.
The pace only quickens in the second fall and it is not until one of the combatants is placed in a sleeper hold and is sure to nod off that we have the first tap out of the match.  A clear advantage has now been had by one of the wrestlers.  Perhaps sensing he is in danger, the tap out victim comes back fast and furious and before long has his opponent in a deep figure four leg-lock which has his opponent screaming in pain and eventually tapping out himself.  The score now tied it is down to whoever can get the next pin-fall or submission.
As I said, both have a deep desire to win, and this shows in the 3rd fall when Chase finally breaks the rules and ties up Cameron in the ropes.  Choking the helpless Champ, Chase seems like he has finally found the winning recipe.  It is not until a series of power moves after power moves leave both wrestlers completely exhausted, that a devastating piledriver finally leaves one wrestler unable to kick out and a final three count is called, leaving one wrestler victorious. 
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 49 seconds

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