Cameron vs. Callum MacKenzie (Oil Wrestling)

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I met Callum through some pro wrestling friends in England. We traveled to wrestling events together during my initial trip to the United Kingdom. He was an eager wrestler, but a bit slow thinking. We were fast friends and enjoyed hanging out, wrestling and lifting weights. 

I have over a decade of wrestling training and experience. Hell, possibly even two decades at this point. I was in top physical shape. It was really an unfair match against such a greenhorn, but I knew it'd be fun. 

I found some mats in Central England in someone's apartment. It was a small room, but that meant the action would stay close and no one could run away.

About halfway through the baby oil is introduced then things changed. I'm not nearly as  experienced in oil wrestling as Callum is, which proved to be the turning point. I had a hard time keeping holds onto the slippery bastard. How embarrassing to lose to a rookie wrestler like Callum on my first trip overseas to compete? 

Total Run-time: 26 minutes

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