Cameron vs. Cal Bennett

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Cal was a last minute addition to this shoot. Someone flaked out and I knew we were only a few miles from Cal's hometown. As soon as he got to the shoot, I asked him if he was ready to do a match immediately. He gave that cocky smile and said "C'mon, you know I'm always ready."

Cal slipped into his trunks and climbed through the ropes. I told him I wanted to go over a few moves before the match. He foolishly agreed. I got on the ground and told him to put his head between my legs so I could show him a cool move I wanted to try during the match. He fell for it! As soon as I hooked my legs around his neck, I shouted to the cameraman to start shooting. 

For the remainder of the match I dominate Cal with my powerful thighs. His head stuck tightly between the Cam-acondas

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 31 seconds

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