Cameron vs. Bryce Xstatic (NHB Fights)

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Bryce Xstatic (5'10", 160 lbs, Connecticut)
Cameron (5'10", 165 lbs, Maine)
How many times can you make your opponent submit to you - and can you tally more submissions than your opponent in a set period of time.  In this bout, we have Cameron, in a shiny red speedo, warming up, preparing for his next match.  Enter in the ring Bryce Xstatic, a tall, thin wrestler.  After they have both had some time to loosen up, the battle begins!  It soon becomes apparent that this will be a contest for the ages!  Both men display superior skill at the Greco Roman wrestling style.
Cameron is a prolific wrestler, having been wrestling both in Greco Roman and pro style for nearly two decades.  Bryce is an unknown quantity, but he quickly shows that he will be no pushover, as both his body shape and knowledge put him in good stead in an NHB bout.  He clearly knows his way around a mat, and his tall, thin body makes it more difficult to hold him in certain moves, especially as the two begin to sweat from the bout.  I don't think Cameron has ever met an opponent who has given him more trouble than Bryce, who quickly achieves a submission.
Submissions do not necessarily come easily in this bout, and each wrestler must work hard to force their opponent into tapping to be released.  Although handshakes begin each fall, as the match progresses you can tell that neither combatant wants to give up another fall and so the pair dispense with the pleasantries and get right to work on their opponent.  Different starting positions are tried by each (even one where they both are just laying flat on the mat) but that does not seem to break the stalemate.  In the end, there is a definite winner and the loser will raise the winners hand, albeit begrudgingly.  An explosive entrant into the NHB series!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 01 second

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