Cameron vs. Brock

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Tarzan Brock is in the ring when Cameron enters wearing one of his many championship belts he has won over the years. Tarzan tries a little intimidation on Cameron but anyone who has ever seen the Champ wrestle knows that he can’t be intimidated and, in fact, he usually gives it back two-fold. What follows is a mostly promission mat match with the best out of 9 being declared the winner. Brock gets off to a quick start and gets the first fall.

A back and forth between the two and the score quickly escalates to 4-4. Cameron gets the final nod as he displays his substantial Greco-Roman wrestling skills. However, the Champ hasn’t had enough and agrees to continue wrestling until the first person gets to 10. Well….as you can imagine, Cameron has had enough of the talk from Tarzan and easily scores the remaining falls, twisting, bending and turning Brock in so many ways that are too many to count.

Finally Brock has had enough, screaming for the last submission hold to be released. Cameron dons the championship belt once again, and giving the intimidation back two-fold, makes Tarzan raise his hand in victory! Tarzan may be king of the jungle, but there is no doubt that Cameron is King of the Underground!

Total run-time: 30 minutes, 4 seconds

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