Cameron vs. Brendan Byers

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Brendan Byers looks like he should be hoisting hay bales on a farm somewhere. He’s a meaty, manly, naturally strong stud with a thick, powerful musculature. He struts, shoves, and squeezes with a glaring intensity that even I have to admit is pretty intimidating. But big Brendan is messing with the best, and I’m feeling myself today! Dim lighting makes our muscles cast shadows, adding depth and definition to our killer bods as we wreck and rassle around, each of us menacing the other like wild bulls locked in a life-and-death battle. 

“I fuck harder than you hit!” I state clearly, before Brendan shoves his boots into my nuts, making me crumble to my knees. Multiple angles give you the best view of every cheap shot, every gut pounding, every kick and thrash. Packages are emphasized by silky, barely there speedos. Brendan eats the mat, and his balls become my personal property. I twist his nipples, stretch his legs apart, and respond to every curse, always one-upping him. 

Brendan puts me in a backbreaker, tries to pin me, kicks me in the back, grabs me by my neck and lifts me off my feet, only to slam me hard, sit on my face, flex, then smother me with his balls, before turning around to torture mine some more. My torture is only just beginning in this unintentionally steamy session of suffering...

TOTAL RUN-TIME - 21 minutes, 33 seconds

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Finally Byers in the ring but …

I’ve been waiting for Byers to show up in a ring on the site, and the champ Matthews is the first to take him on.

I love the set used in this match! It is one of my favorites locations in all of underground wrestling. Byers takes the fight to Mathews quickly and pummels him with plenty of hard-hitting holds and crotch abuse. There are plenty of shots of Cameron’s muscles and body on display for all to enjoy. Cam does oversell a bit and I think the fight could’ve used a bit more back-and-forth but this is a great W-4 debut for Bryers and hope to see him in more matches here. With the pyschique on both these men, I would have liked to see a bit more of a hard hitting match so a rematch is needed.


If you are into ball torture, gut work, and seeing Cameron get worked over in his tight blue trunks, then this one’s for you.

Ball Torture A Bore

I agree with NSM. Almost every wrestler that I've seen use the tactic hasn't needed it. A prime example is Jobe Xander. I watched a recent match in which he was demolishing his opponent for almost 6 minutes without his "signature " move. I thought "At last to see the man's talent". Frustrating!

It's superfluous and can absolutely ruin the flow of an otherwise excellent match.

Rematch for these talented men!

Earlier in their careers, Cameron and Brandon were the lean, college jock types who often came up just shy of a win against bigger, dirtier heels. Today, both are muscle beasts who can dominate their younger, cocky opponents with their superior wrestling skills. Cameron eventually succumbs to Brandon's size advantage in a great, hard-fought match. Personally, I can do without all of the ball torture. These are two talented wrestlers who can apply multiple submission holds that can make his opponent beg for mercy - so 4 stars only from me.

The Rageing River Match

You both were blazing "hot". The sweat ran off like a river. When you connected, every muscle stood out. There were mastic tents that appeared to about tear out of the trunks. You were like two rabid dogs trying the other appart

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