Cameron vs. Brendan Byers

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Brendan Byers looks like he should be hoisting hay bales on a farm somewhere. He’s a meaty, manly, naturally strong stud with a thick, powerful musculature. He struts, shoves, and squeezes with a glaring intensity that even I have to admit is pretty intimidating. But big Brendan is messing with the best, and I’m feeling myself today! Dim lighting makes our muscles cast shadows, adding depth and definition to our killer bods as we wreck and rassle around, each of us menacing the other like wild bulls locked in a life-and-death battle. 

“I fuck harder than you hit!” I state clearly, before Brendan shoves his boots into my nuts, making me crumble to my knees. Multiple angles give you the best view of every cheap shot, every gut pounding, every kick and thrash. Packages are emphasized by silky, barely there speedos. Brendan eats the mat, and his balls become my personal property. I twist his nipples, stretch his legs apart, and respond to every curse, always one-upping him. 

Brendan puts me in a backbreaker, tries to pin me, kicks me in the back, grabs me by my neck and lifts me off my feet, only to slam me hard, sit on my face, flex, then smother me with his balls, before turning around to torture mine some more. My torture is only just beginning in this unintentionally steamy session of suffering...

TOTAL RUN-TIME - 21 minutes, 33 seconds

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