Cameron vs. Braden Charron (2021)

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To say that Cameron and Braden are familiar with each other would be an understatement.  Former roommates, the pair have had a number of encounters with each other both inside and outside the squared circle.  Always entertaining to watch, the duo this time are found showing off their feet for the camera, demanding the person on the other side bow before them and kiss their feet.
As happens often when these two tangle, soon the action turns from the person on the other side of the camera to each other, as Cameron playfully interrupts Braden's display.  What follows is a solid 20 minutes of Cameron dominating Braden in some of the most humiliating ways possible, not only dishing out the punishment, but also torturing Braden with several extended sequences of tickling.  Braden is obviously extremely ticklish and can not help but scream in agony as Cameron tickles every part of his body, his feet, his underarms, his sides.
Seemingly on the way to an easy win, Cameron falls victim to one of his own weaknesses, the desire for just an extra bit of trash talking and humilation.  It is in this moment that Cameron finds that he is on the receiving end of a devastating move from Braden.  Will Cameron fall, a victim of his own hubris?  Or will he rally once again to defeat Braden?  The loser ends up asleep in the middle of the ring, a full wedgie applied, and two butt cheeks for the world to admire.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 48 seconds

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