Cameron vs. Austin Cooper & Lane Hartley

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When I step into a ring...any ring...I know I’m at home. The rattle of the floor, the creak of the ropes, the smell. In the ring, I’m king of the world. You’d have to be pretty stupid to walk uninvited into a man’s home. Well, that’s just what Austin Cooper did, and he brought Lane Hartley with him. Now, Hartley is a hot hunk of man, but he’s nothing compared to yours truly. Austin and I were the champions, but now he wants to replace me with some prettyboy. You can almost feel the anger and jealousy through the screen.

Suddenly, me and Austin are chest-to-chest, shoving our muscular pecs together in a hate-filled expression of unsatisfied rage. There are some fights that can’t be avoided, and this is one...especially with that prick Hartley watching. Austin and I are well-matched, so it’s no surprise he gives me a run for my money, but I give back twice as much as he gives, wrenching his arms behind his back and tossing him around a little. I’m holding my own, but Austin’s cheering section starts to get under my skin! That’s why I finish Austin quickly, giving him exactly what he deserves. That’s when the tables turn…

That cheating Hartley sneaks up behind me, pulling my crotch into the turnbuckle. Before I can even begin to retaliate or recover, he yanks me out of the ring...out of my home...and onto the floor, where he and Austin double team me and aquatint my neck with a particularly cold and brutal folding chair. They rip off my boots, twist my ankles, then toss be back into the ring to finish me off. If I survive this, there will be hell to pay. One thing’s for sure, I’m gonna need a new tag partner.

Total Runtime: 30 minutes, 18 seconds

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