Cameron vs. Alex Oliver (Chained Up)

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Sexy Alex Oliver finds himself in a dog collar, chained to the corner of the ring. In only black and silver speedos and boots, he can’t remember how he got here. He strains to break his chains. Enter yours truly in hot red speedos while pumping iron. I gotta do my curls! I toss my weights into the ring, then climb in myself to show off my superior power for the chained up dog. But my help ain’t free. I tell Oliver to give me ten one armed curls. If he can do it, I’ll help him. If not, who knows?

Oliver complies, curling with good form while I bark insults in his ear. But damn, that burn gets the better of him and he fails to earn my help. But I’m not done messin’ with him yet. There’s a nasty sleeper in store for him, one that results in his pathetic ass passing out. I do more curls while he struggles to wake up. After several successful sleepers, I can’t resist trying on the dog collar attached to the other end of the chain.

Now we’re chained together, allowing me to pull him closer to me, crush his throat, and keep him tethered like a dog on a leash. That chain fast becomes my best friend, as I use it to bind, gag, choke, yank, and humiliate the pale stud. I even use it like brass knuckles. And you know the most twisted part of the whole thing? Oliver wanted this...he just can’t remember asking for it!

Runtime: 30 minutes, 7 seconds

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