Cameron vs. Alex Oliver

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This match pairs ring veteran Cameron against Life Guard Alex Oliver. Alex is tall, handsome, and has 205 pounds of sexy muscle. Cameron only weighs in at 170 pounds, so he may be in for a tough match. Then again, Alex is a Life Guard, not a wrestler. Alex is standing in the ring in his cute Life Guard outfit, complete with a whistle. Cameron comes in wearing a hot black speedo, complete with flames on it. It’s appropriate because Cameron is looking hotter than ever. He’s been in the gym and is showing off some serious muscle. Those of us who have followed Cameron through the years remember him coming into a ring with white boots and brightly colored trunks, looking nice and pretty as he waited for a nasty heel to brutalize him. The times have changed and Cameron is no longer in the jobber category. He’s developed some serious muscles and a nasty attitude to go with them. 

There’s quite a bit of trash-talking between Cameron and Alex, with Alex seeming confused and calling the ring his beach. We always thought a beach had bright sun, lots of sand, and crashing waves. He’s in a wrestling ring. There’s a big difference. Cameron is claiming to be the King. They ultimately decide to wrestle to decide who’s “beach” it is. Cameron immediately takes control of Alex and subjects him to some serious punishment. Alex never gets an offense going and can do little more than just drop a few f-bombs. The more he runs his mouth, the more punishment Cameron inflicts on him. Cameron has developed a full arsenal of wrestling holds and enjoys using them on Alex. He further humiliates Alex by shoving the whistle in his mouth. Alex is surely wishing he would have stayed home. 

Cameron decides to pull Alex’s board shorts off, revealing the whitest pair of thighs we have ever seen. Remember, we warned you to have dark sunglasses handy. Alex needs to get out in the sun with those legs. They haven’t seen the light of day in years. Cameron wastes no time in continuing his abuse. Alex is subjected to a couple of frog splashes, then is dragged into the corner where Cameron gives him a few banzai splashes, reminiscent of Yokozuna. Cameron then climbs up the ropes and is standing on the top rope waiting for Alex to get up. Cameron verbally taunts him telling him he’s dripping sweat and pre-cum on him and can wait all day for him to get up. Alex does finally manage to stand, only to be nailed with a serious lariat as Cameron comes flying off the top rope. The heel in Cameron has definitely come out. He takes his boots off and demands Alex kiss his feet. Alex finally agrees, but only if it will end the match. Silly Alex. Cameron has a devious look in his eye and he isn’t going to let up. 

Ultimately, our pretty boy life guard is left sprawled out cold in the ring. Cameron has enjoyed working him over and punishing him relentlessly. Punishing scissors, a brutal figure-four, and countless other painful holds leave Cameron smiling and Alex moaning in pain. Cameron still has that devious look in his eye as he leaves the ring. We have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Cameron’s domination in the ring.

Total Run-time: 29 minutes, 36 seconds

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J. J.
Baywatch, this ain't

Alex was -not- ready for the onslaught that is King Cam. Already confusing the ring with a lifeguard tower before the match has even started, Alex suffers some verbal blows from Cameron's mastery of banter-foreshadowing the one sided squash on the sun-baked lifeguard. The flawless knee length tanline only highlights the inevitable wedgie that has become Alex's trademark. Great viewing for fans of a hapless beach boy beatdown

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