Cameron vs. Ace Owens vs. Nick Justice

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I knew going into the recent shoot that I was going to want to wrestle at least two of the guys: Ace Owens and Nick Justice.

I had different reasons for wanting to wrestle both of these wrestlers. Nick and I are actually real-life friends with lots of passion for pro wrestling. Every couple months, I'll receive a text from Nick saying we need to wrestle and our previous matches are classics. I think Nick is one of the best pro wrestlers in the world and certainly a fascinating character in and out of the wrestling world. 

Ace Owens: well, I don't know him very well. Our first interaction in Chicago was a bit odd, but that's life. I wasn't sure if he'd say yes to returning for some more matches. He agreed to come down from the Midwest to wrestle. This time we met up in Florida. Ace took me aside and apologized for what happened last time. I assured him that an apology was unnecessary, but this confirmed that Ace was a just a sweet Midwestern boy.

However, I had to see what all the hype was about...up-close and personal. 

This match is action-packed. Dropkicks, piledrivers, top rope moves, vicious strikes and more. Nick is 25-40 pounds heavier than both of us, but he moves very well. Ace is definitely stronger than I expected and has very good technique with his holds. 

We had a good time doing this match. The other wrestlers at the shoot sat around ringside watching this match and were surprised at how intense it was compared to all the other matches they had seen that day. Definitely a match that I was excited about watching when I got home...and Nick begged me for weeks to see it, as well.

Total Run-time: 27 minutes

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