Cameron & Joey Nux vs. AJ Black & Mason Black

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AJ Black and Mason Black are a coupla fugly punks. Brothers? Twins? Who knows? But they both look alike, and they both look like they need a good ol’ beating. Seriously, these scrawny punks show up wearing jackets with their speedos and boots, and neither one can be bothered to get off the phone...even with me and muscle bound bruiser Joey Nux patiently waiting to rassle. Rude. 

I press one of the punks into the corner with my boot in his neck, toss him around, drag him by his ankles, and yank him up by his hair, all while Joey twists the other one’s arm and grinds his armpit in the punk’s face. We go to town on their abs, then toss them on top of each other mid ring. Then I get a brilliant idea! Time to lace their legs together and sit on them while Joey tortures them by cranking them up by their chins and hair. 

I pull the tweedle-dums apart and rip the jacket off of mine, then hang one punk upside down off of the shoulders of his buddy, forcing his face into his partner’s balls. I slam them both into the mat at the same time. “I used to be a twink,” I remark to Joey. “So I know how to handle ‘em.” This is one long, mean, nasty dual punishment session, complete with a forced swordfight where me and joey make the pale punks bash their balls together. And it just gets better from there..

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 22 seconds

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