Cameron & Gabe Steele vs. Daxx Carter (Double-Crossed)

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The saga continues…

Daxx Carter’s been destroyed by yours truly. The big, beefy, hairy brute has just had his balls brutalized by the turnbuckle, when I decide it’s time to share the fun. Enter heel extraordinaire Gabe Steele to help me wreck and ruin the furry beefcake. Double suplex! Half Nelson! Gabe makes a good assistant, holding our victim tightly for me to gut punch, kick, backbreak, and pin.

I’m in a particularly masochistic mood, ordering Gabe around, forcing him to bust Carter’s balls and tangle his arms in the ropes.

“Are you gonna hit him or kiss him?” I roar at Gabe, slapping his face hard if his punches land too weakly. I take a handful of Gabe’s hair and force him face first into Carter’s balls. Now it’s time to have some real fun. It’s fun to see how long Gabe can keep that smile on his face when I’m throwing him around and crushing his balls and face with my boots.

“Say it!” I yell. “Say ‘I’ve had enough, sir!’” Gabe the Heel is no more. Say hello to Gabe the Jobber!  

Run-time: 35 minutes, 31 seconds

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