Cameron & Austin Cooper vs. Guido Genatto & Zach Reno

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No holds barred, baby! Me and Austin take on Guido and Zach, who come storming into our ring like an invading army! Four proficient pros doing what they do best! Austin is immobilized, and yours truly is cornered by Guido. That trash talkin’ tank tosses me around like it’s nothing. It’s almost a relief when wildman Zach crushes me between his python thighs. I throw my head back in agony, trying desperately to keep up with the pain...and the trash talk of our attackers. Zach pulls my hair, wrenches my arm, and passes me back to Guido, who roars like a beast and practically rips my arm out of socket!

Austin is miles away, straining to be tagged in. For a minute I start to think I’ll never escape the back and forth torture of this terrorizing tag team. The camera zooms in on my ass, clenched in agony in yellow and white speedos. I kick black booted feet as Zach crushes me...but I’ve still got some fight in me.

When Austin finally gets his turn, he doesn't fare much better, getting bounced and beaten like a bitch. Guido straddles him, tightening his powerful thighs around my buddy. Zach gets in there when he’s not supposed to, and I can’t watch anymore, throwing myself into the ring to defend Austin. Folding chairs get brought into the brawl and all hell breaks loose. Can me and my buddy regain our power in this no holds barred battle?!

Runtime: 19 minutes, 52 seconds

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