Cam Zagucci vs. Max Quivers (Fantasy Fights)

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“Superboy is here!” 

Don’t be fooled. It’s just Cam Zagucci acting his show size instead of his age...again. 

As usual, we sit back and wait for the moment when a predator appears to kick some sense into his callow head. This week’s predator is Max Quivers, the bizarre, suit wearing, masked, growling villain that nobody seems to have the backstory for. Oh well, at least we can all enjoy the Zagucci Bitchboy...oops...I mean Superboy, taking a super beating. 

Decked out in supersuit, utility belt, and cape, Superboy gives Quivers plenty of toys to use for expert beating, battering, strangling, and torturing. Within minutes, Superboy is crawling, reeling, and stumbling like a frat boy with a bad hangover. He’s so stunned, he forgets to beg until the moment he is stripped and dragged across the ring, only to have his supernuts crushed Quiver’s cheap dress shoes. 

It’s the squashing of the century, in this ab abusing, turnbuckle tossing tribute to the golden age of super villains and super heroes.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes 49 seconds

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