Cam Zagucci vs. Chase Sinn & Guido Genatto

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“There is no way in hell that you are having a match in the Heel Hut tonight,” laughs big, meaty Guido Genatto, staring down cutie boy-next-door Cam Zagucci. Genatto offers Cam the ever-unpopular Jobbers Need Love Too shirt, but the boy wonder doesn’t want it. 

“I’m not a jobber, dude. What the heck?” 

Hot, bearded daddy Chase Sinn arrives in glistening red gear. Cam hopes he’s here to partner with him against big Guido, but no such luck. What follows is a lengthy bullying session in which the two superior men try to force Zagucci to wear the shirt. 

Chase wraps his powerful thighs around Cam’s head, while Guido plants his booted foot squarely in Cam’s crotch, until he’s begging for the shirt. But it’s not good enough for the heels, who take turns putting him in neck-snapping sleepers while pummeling him with the shirt. 

“I like the shirt...I love...ah! Okay! I love the shirt!” Cam cries out, while practically being forced to eat it, two angry heels on top of him. But he doesn’t put it on fast enough, and endures a hair-pulling, body-slamming, face-kicking assault that leaves him kicking his pretty white boots in agony. 

“I’m a jobber, okay?” he screams, but he puts the shirt on too slowly again...and Guido makes it a choke collar, until he’s finally wearing it. But there’s only one problem with wearing a jobber have to play your part! 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 38 seconds

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