Cam Zagucci vs. Blake Starr (Kiss My Feet)

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Blake Starr appears in great shape showing off his etched body; flexing and working the camera which captures his defined abs very well. Blake isn’t deterred by Cam’s arrogance and pushy attitude. A wager is placed to see who is superior. “How about this when I kick your ass on these mats you have to kiss my feet?!” Blake sizing up his opponent, accepts this challenge with his own condition. “When I beat you how about you kiss my feet”. There it is. Losers kissing the winner’s feet.

Shit talkin’ Cam and his opponent begin grappling. Blake manages to toss him to the ground and gets him in a choke hold, which abruptly switches to Blake stretching out his opponent. Cam is struggling to keep his composure and is losing the fight! Blake is stronger than Cam thought.

Cam decides he’s going to be the first to break the rules as he begins to twist and pull at Blake’s nipples. Blake resists as much as possible before he is able to grab onto Cam’s nipples and gives him a bit taste of his own medicine. Cam lets out a moan before shoving Blake into the couch. This is only round one and it’s still anyone's match.

Blake manages to choke out Cam enough for him to tap out. First round goes to slim stud, Blake. With a cocky smile, the victor shoves his smelly feet into the face of Cam.  The boy-next-door does not like any of this. He grabs hold of Blake and with his cock rested on his shoulder manages to flex his arms back. Blake lets out a moan of pain before able to free himself and immediately thrusts his body behind Cam and chokes him with his own shoe! This is definitely one match you have to watch until the end where the loser suffers a terrible humiliation.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 52 seconds

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