Cam Zagucci vs. Austin Tyler (Basement Battle)

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Now this match I was excited to film. I first saw Austin Tyler on another wrestling site and thought he'd be perfect for my videos. When I contacted Ethan Andrews about getting in touch with Austin, he informed me that Mr. Tyler was also a real pro wrestler. I thought this is too good. So when he agreed to come up to New England to film, I knew who he'd have to be pitted against.

Austin Tyler just wants to finish his workout when the star-spangled speedo wearing sexy stud, Cam Zagucci, comes to crash his party. Tyler’s thick thighs are ready to show this cocky pretty boy who’s boss. These two young pros go back-and-forth in the basement. They want to show the other who is going to be the Rookie of the Year.

Austin pounds Cam into the wall and gives his abs a good stretching.

Young lad, Zagucci takes control of the situation giving babyface Austin Tyler a powerful backbreaker. These two foes go toe-to toe with equally matched locks and body blows, but no matter how many punishing positions Austin puts Cam into he keeps coming back.

Which of these two collegiate cuties will be standing victorious over the other at the end of this bout?

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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