Calvin Rogers vs. Zach Reno (Sleepers)

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What is a wrestler to do when they come into the ring, and find their opponent already in the ring, but asleep on the mat?  That is the dilemma Calvin Rogers faces when he enters and fins Zach Reno peacefully asleep in the center of the ring.  Obviously sleepered out by his last opponent, Zach is on his back in his small blue posing trunks, blissfully snoring away, the victim of a previous sleeper hold we have not been privy to.  Calvin, being the fierce competitor he is, of course uses the situation to his advantage and proceeds to wake Zach up so their match can begin.
But make no mistake, Calvin is not some honorable opponent here, no, instead, Calvin wakes Zach up just so he can place his own sleeper hold on the ring veteran and put him back to sleep.  It would have been the right thing to do to let Zach regain his composure, get his wits about him and then begin their match on equal footing, however, instead, before Zach knows what has hit him, he is right back in another sleeper of Calvin's making, and about to sustain a prolonged sleeper hold.  Eventually Zach succumbs to this sleeper as well and falls off to the land of Nod.
Woken again by Calvin, only to be sleepered out again by him, a pattern seems to ne emerging, one not to Zach's liking and so by the time Calvin is position for his third sleeper, Zach makes a quick move and delivers a low blow to Rogers, sending him down to his knees.  Now the shoe is on the other foot and Zach begins his own tortuous serving of multiple sleepers to Calvin, who will soon regret that he did not just leave Zack sleeping after his first or second sleeper hold. 
If you are a fan of prolonged sleeper holds where the victim is displayed wide for the the camera, this match is on that will tick all the boxes for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 09 seconds

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A Great Sleeper Match

Both Calvin and Zach do a great job putting each other to sleep over and over again in this great ring match. There are plenty of sleepers to keep viewers happy. And seeing the knocked out wrestlers' bodies on full display after they've been KO'ed isn't bad, either. A great addition to anyone's sleeper match collection!


Calvin is a real piece of work. Can you believe this guy? The balls on him!

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