Cali Boy vs. Scrappy

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These two barefoot wrestlers are stretching and warming up in the ring and trash talking each other. They flex and show off their smooth and muscled bodies until the shorter but bigger Scrappy attacks the still posing Cali Boy.  He gets his opponent in a full nelson before taking him to the mat and choking in a painful scissor hold.  Cali Boy isn't just going to roll over, though and goes on the attack, making Scrappy submit with choke hold.  Scrappy comes roaring back and brutally goes after the pretty boy, lifting him the air by his throat.  The two get down on the mat and go at it hard.  Scrappy is definitely stronger, but Cali Boy prides himself on his flexibility and both are determined to beat the other.

Scrappy loves seeing just how flexible his foe is and stretches him to his limits and shows off his smooth body and nice package.   Scrappy does pushups on his helpless opponent and then marches him around the ring by his speedo.  He lifts Cali Boy over his head and really makes him suffer. He uses the ring ropes to torture the beautiful brown haired wrestler.  During the entire match, Scrappy keeps up a running commentary trashing his opponent and reminding him of the pain he is going to be feeling.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 55 seconds

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