Cali Boy vs. Christian Thorn

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Two young, very sexy wrestlers, lots of muscles, skimpy trunks, both boys wanting to prove dominance over the other. What’s not to love? Cali Boy is back with his sexy looks, long and pretty hair, and tightly packed ‘stars and stripes’ trunks. Let’s just say those stars and stripes don’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to what they are covering. Cali Boy is well-endowed and these trunks show off his endowment. Chrstian is much shorter, but has much more bulk and strength. He’s got gorgeous brown skin, muscles galore, and some tats that will drive you wild. He is all man and one look at him proves it. Mr. Thorn has on black ‘skull and crossbones’ trunks which, like Cali Boy’s, leave very little to the imagination. He, too, has stuffed his sexy trunks with a rather large package which we are confident are as hard as those big muscles all over his body. 

Both of these young men have something to prove and neither wants to be submissive to the other. Their specialty is choke holds, with each one catching a few zzzzz’s in the match. These booted sexy studs show off their washboard abs, big pouches, and butts bulging through their tight trunks. It isn’t long before sweat is dripping off their rock hard bodies. Both are grunting and groaning as each tortures the other. Neither wants to give up and both give it their all to obtain the win. Thorn appears to have the upper hand most of the time, but Cali Boy isn’t going to be his jobber. 

These are two of the hottest young wrestlers at W4H and both want the victory. These moaning muscle studs relentlessly punish each other trying to score the win. Both show off big pouches, with Cali Boy appearing to really be enjoying himself as something in his ‘stars and stripes’ appears to be as hard as his toned body. As much as both want the victory, only one can have it.

One of these studs ends up stripped of his dignity and lies beaten and out cold in the ring after a text book sleeper has been applied. Who leaves the ring as the victor? Only the ending of the match will provide that answer. HOT!!!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 18 minutes, 48 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Cali Boy Suffering Beautifully

Team Cali here! His lean muscled body, and model suberboy looks have me hooked. Christian has a great body but I am not a tat fan so whatever your preference, both muscle boys are nicely filmed in scenes of those beautiful bodies in holds that show them off.

Michael Doane
Christian is sexy!

Christian Thorn is so sexy! The perfect handsome face and the sexiest muscular body! ???? Christian Thorn!

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