Cali Boy vs. Chace LaChance (Guest Ref)

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The wrestling business is tough. Wrestlers are filled with testosterone and have an ego bigger than the Grand Canyon. Regardless of what the promoter tells them, all they want to do is get in the ring and tear their opponent apart. Men have been wrestling for thousands of years. It’s how we separate the men from the boys. Most wrestlers take lots of abuse in their first few years until they are able to improve their skills and bulk up their muscles. Every now and then, a wrestler comes along who doesn’t start out as a jobber. He has the skill, the strength, the inner drive, and the desire to destroy and humiliate any man who dares to face him in the ring. Cali Boy is NOT such a wrestler. Yeah, he’s pretty and he’s strong, but stands about as much chance – no pun intended – of beating Chace LaChance as a hamster has of beating a fight-trained Pitbull. 

Fearing for Cali Boy’s safety, W4H took mercy and hired a referee for his match against brutal Chace. Lucky for Cali Boy. Or was it? The bell rings and young Cali Boy is immediately subjected to the power of the much bigger and more manly Chace. Looking at these two, it’s clear to see that Chace’s arms are bigger than Cali Boy’s thighs. When told he was going to have to wrestle Chace, Cali Boy should have begged for a different opponent. Unfortunately, young CaliBoy agreed to the match and it appears as if he painted a bullseye on his gorgeous washboard abs. 

Chace is well known for destroying most anyone who steps in the ring against him and Cali Boy is no exception. Initially, Chace is going fairly easy on the newbie, but then Cali Boy tries to display some aggression. It is short-lived, to say the least. Chace wastes no time in unleashing a brutal attack on Cali Boy, with his focal point being those sexy abs with slaps, smacks, and an endless array of punches. The relentless attack on the abs continues as Chace puts Cali Boy in a long and painful scissor hold, using his tree trunk thighs to squash those ripped abs like a grape. Even so, Cali Boy refuses to submit. Some people just won’t learn. Chace releases the hold and Cali Boy is left rolling around in pain. Even the ref joins in and holds Cali Boy while Chase unleashes more punishment. Chace returns the favor and holds our young muscle stud in the corner, thus allowing the ref to get in a few shots of his own. The ref even gives our young boy toy a purple-nurple. Geez, that’s humiliating. The ref is clearly disgusted with him and subjects him to some shoving and verbal taunting. Even Chace feels sorry for him and tells the ref to quit picking on him. It seems Cali Boy would have been better off without a ref in the ring. Then again, without the ref to keep Chace in-line, Cali Boy may have ended up in the Emergency Room after match. 

Verbal taunting, brutal stomps, slaps, kicks, and even two-on-one action leave the newbie a beaten and defeated man. As Chace covers his jobber for the three-count, he warns him not to move. Cali Boy has enough sense to lay there as the ref counts out 1-2-3. The bell rings and the match finally comes to a close. The ending should come as a surprise to no one. Brutal Chace has destroyed another opponent. Cali Boy stands and we see those washboard abs bright red from the non-stop abuse. Being a good sport, Chace gives Cali Boy some advice before shoving him out of the ring. He says, “Next time you see me in the ring, don’t come in.” Seems like good advice.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 4 seconds

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2 on 1 Cali Boy beautiful suffering

Cali Boy is one of my favorites here with his model, superman looks and lean beautifully muscled body. He is the definition of suffering beautifully so this match is perfect, adding some 2 on one scenes. The only reason I took off a star is that most scenes of that beautiful suffering are not close up. If you have a player like Quicktime you can double the view size and view it better but just not filmed the best to display the on mat hotness.

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