Cali Boy vs. Cal Bennett

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Both Cal and Cali have lost quite a few matches at W4H. Cali is still a newbie, but he hasn’t done well at all in his brief time here. Cal has given up numerous submissions and matches, but has won some as well. He’s got a lot more experience than Cali and has quite a bit more strength. Both wrestlers are looking hot in their sexy trunks with Cal in yellow and Cali in blue. This match may come down to which wrestler wants the victory more. 

Neither Cal nor Cali take an early advantage over the other. The back-and-forth shows the skills both wrestlers have. Cal has a definite strength and experience advantage, but Cali is young, strong, and trying to shed his status as a jobber. He’s taken on some tough opponents and has learned some skills from each match. This pays off as he is able to get a submission from Cal. 

Cal makes a good effort and gives it all he has to keep from getting beat by this young hunk. He manages to get Cali in some painful holds, but is not able to get a submission from him. Cal continues his assault, but is clearly getting tired and running out of energy. Cali takes full advantage of this and is able to control and dominate Cal at this point. Cal is giving it all he has, but it isn’t enough to overcome what Cali Boy is dishing out. In the end, Cal is forced to submit and has another embarrassing loss on his record. Cali Boy is walking around with an arrogant grin on his face, but we can’t blame him for that. He’s starting to earn the respect of the other wrestlers at W4H and this victory moves him up in the ranks.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 34 seconds

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