Cali Boy vs. Ace Owens (Best Friend Battle)

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Football to wrestling. What’s not to love? Both Cali Boy and Ace are accusing the other of causing the loss of a football game. Cali Boy has an arrogant look on his face. You the know the one – a look of someone who needs to be smacked. Anyone who has a younger brother knows the look very well. Handsome and muscular Ace Owens wants to settle it on the mats. Given that Cali Boy seems to be challenging Johnny Jobber for the biggest jobber at W4H, we think this may not be in his best interest. Much to our surprise, Cali Boy is actually showing some promise as a wrestler and takes control of Ace, even getting him to admit that Cali Boy is better than he is at everything. Who knew? 

We may have thought Cali Boy was a total jobber, but he’s proving us wrong in this match. Ace, in his sexy white speedo, is getting his ass handed to him on a platter. He can’t seem to even defend himself, much less take control. Cali Boy gives Ace a wedgie that has us wincing just looking at it. We didn’t know the fabric on his speedo would stretch that far. Ace will be singing soprano for sure! 

The brutality continues as Ace gives submission after submission and begs for mercy. Cali Boy even slams Ace’s head into the lockers a couple of times. That’ll give you an Excedrin headache! Ace is stretched out on a locker room bench and Cali Boy sits on him and verbally abuses him. Ace is forced to admit he’s been humiliated – submitting multiple times, getting a painful wedgie, having his head slammed into the lockers – he’s been tossed around like yesterday’s garbage. 

Some of us here at W4H had considered talking to Cali Boy and suggesting he give up wrestling and take up being a drag queen. He’s surprised us with this match. He dominated, punished, and humiliated Ace from start to finish. He came in the locker room looking like he was going to be Ace’s bitch, but instead made Ace his bitch. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 17 minutes, 38 seconds

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Tomas Rybar Prochazka
epique match with many submissions

This is nice epique wrestling video with many submissions and pins. I like products like this that have some interesting plot not just plain fight. In this video Cali seems to be powerful skilled fitness coach with good wrestling skills. I would love to see more products with this actor.

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