Caleb Klein vs. Garrett Thomas (Pros Up-Close)

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There is something special when two grapplers who have virtually grown up in the ring get together for a match away from the lights and the crowds.  When Garrett Thomas and Caleb Klein, both pro wrestlers, stare at each other across the squared the circle, the desire to prove their dominance over their opponent almost goes up a notch, as you can hear all of the trash talking and one-upsmanship that normally goes on but can usually not be heard in one of the larger venues.
A true test of who will be the Alpha male, Thomas and Klein trade moves and countermoves in a series of holds, each trying to outdo and outshow their opponent.  Garrett is supported by his two pecs - nicknamed "Boss" and "Hogg" and Caleb just lets his wrestling speak for him.  A true traditional wrestle lovers match, you will applaud the different moves and reversals the pair deliver to one another.  Abdominal stretch?  No worries, we'll just reverse it into something more painful.  Headlock?  Nothing to see here, in a minute the opponent will be on the mat trapped in another punishing hold, a massive DDT.
With each grappler having an extensive knowledge of wrestling, it is not surprising that it takes a by the book cobra clutch.  This match could only end with one of the pair asleep, as neither is willing to give an inch to the other.  If you enjoy an old fashioned "barn burner" of a contest with two men who know the ins and outs of a wrestling ring, then this match will be right up your alley.  No newbies or inexperienced wrestlers here, this is for the veterans of the squared circle!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 13 seconds

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