Caleb Brand vs. Rico Rave (From The Vault)

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FROM THE VAULT:  The FTV series presents some of your favorite W4H wrestlers early in their underground careers, or early matches filmed that formed the foundation of the W4H empire.  Caleb Brand returns in an early match in the W4H library against a very enthusiastic Rico Rave.  There is just one thing about enthusiasm....sometimes it can be misplaced.  Rico almost immediately find himself on the wrong side of the wrestling holds (meaning receiving them rather than delivering them), and along with that comes the pain each one promises.
Rico manages to trash talk through the match, something that is odd because each time he talks more trash, he also receives more pain.  There is no part of Rico's body that is spared, and Caleb, as he so often does, uses each and every part of the ring (indeed everything outside the ring) to his advantage.  Unfortunately for Rico, that also includes some rope which is applied rather liberally around his neck to choke him out.  By the time Rico truly understands what is happening to him, he has already lost the match to Caleb's sadistic hands.
Caleb continues to show us in these early matches the true wrestling force he was in the ring.  Always trash talking his opponents, Caleb made sure to not only beat a person physically (which he did without mercy), but also mentally and psychologically.  Today's young studs could learn a thing or two from someone of Caleb's pedigree.  It would do their in ring performances wonders to take on some of Caleb's best move and in ring traits.  Here's hoping that the rookies are watching!
Total running time:  30 minutes, 13 seconds

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