Caleb Brand vs. Chase Sinn

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Caleb Brand waits...and waits...and waits for his opponent in that iconic abandoned warehouse of pain. The clock is ticking, and the bronze-toned Brand is seething in anticipation of Chase Sinn. When Chase arrives twenty minutes later, Brand is determined to leave his brand on Chase’s impeccable, yet impossibly late body. The golden-haired hardbody lays into Chase like a raging stallion, slamming the late lunk from one corner to another, going right for the head with fists and fingers of stone. 

“I make my own time,” says Chase, not interested in Brand’s bitterness. 

A brutal back breaker sees Chase’s exposed abs getting clawed, his handsome head pressed roughly backward as he struggles against the bigger Brand’s monstrous muscularity, not to mention his frustration at being disrespected. Chase manages to muscle his way up and out, getting to his feet, but not for long. 

With hard planted kicks to Brand’s impressive torso, Chase manages to gain the upper hand, but only for a moment. Brand’s fury sees Chase locke in the corner, smashed like a fly, until Chase locks his legs around Brand’s brawny neck. 

These bad boys lock up close and tight, chest-to-chest, face-to-face, forcing each other into agonizing holds so elaborate you could almost call them art. It seems to be Brand’s upper body against Chase’s legs and feet, giving this match a thrilling back-and-forth energy between two such differently built but equally skilled brutes.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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