Cal Bennett vs. Max Quivers & Joey Nux (Muscle4Hire)

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Somebody really oughta tell the new, hot talent about the initiation process. I mean, nobody ever joins the ranks of wrestler4hire without having a few run ins with the other dudes. He’s gotten his gut bashed by Ronnie Pearl, gotten on the wrong side of Guido Genatto. But what could ever prepare him for his first encounter with the strange entity that is Max Quivers. 

Quivers, suited and masked, his voice blurred to a hiss by layers of face-covering lycra, acts like the boss of a seedy business, laying out specific instructions for his musclebound manservant, Joey Nux. 

“This is what I thought I was paying for,” says a disappointed Quivers, comparing Bennett’s lean musculature to Nux’s beefy impressiveness. Hot as Bennett is, he’s nothing compared to the show quality bodybuilder that is Nux. 

Quivers gleefully orders Nux to strangle, bearhug, lift, and throw Bennett, offering careful instruction for Nux to avoid wasting his strength too early. 

It’s a sadistic, almost voyeuristic, master and subservient, three-way punishment session that this pretty newbie won’t soon forget, and neither will you!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 27 seconds

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Amazing Cal Bennett

Can’t get enough of seeing Cal Bennett suffer. This man is perfect and seeing manhandled by another muscle beast is orgasmic.

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