Cal Bennett vs. Jax Brewer

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Handsome, leading man Cal Bennett faces off with Jax Brewer. You can’t deny Bennett’s hotness, or his tatted, cut body. Jax Brewer gives this dude a run for his money in the muscle department...not to mention the manly body hair. 

“Where’s the hair at? Where’s the MAN?”

“This is all man right here?”

A solid full nelson has Bennett kicking and struggling himself into a body scissor, then sleeper. Brewer doesn’t even have to lock those ankles to keep his boy immobile. 

“I know all your weaknesses,” says Brewer. “You give up your back. You shoot too low. You’ve got small muscles!” 

It’s a tasty technical bout here. Nasty gator rolls, arm triangles, arm bars, figure fours, and more have poor Bennett begging to be allowed to breathe! He taps, but Brewer doesn’t acknowledge his opponent’s pain. Some non technical moves make their way into the rough play too. Feet pushed in faces, chests and abs are slapped, heads are ground into the mat. A brutal camel clutch has Brewer towering over Bennett like some sort of wrestling emperor. 

“Tapout all you like,” he laughs. “It ain’t gonna help you!”

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 30 seconds

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