Cal Bennett (Tickled by Max Quivers)

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New England wrestling stud Cal Bennet is bound in red wrestling speedos, barefoot and helpless. He is lying on the mat at the feet of Max Quivers who is determined to show Cal that his smooth, inked muscles are no match for a single red feather.  Max wields the soft feather with skill and cunning of a surgeon.  He searches out each and every piece of Cal’s exposed skin and uses the feather to stroke and provoke the tied-up wrestler. He tickles the jock’s ribs, his legs and his pits making Cal go crazy. Cal admits he is too ticklish to take the torture, but Max could care less. He has Cal tied down and he is going to show him who’s boss.
Cal blurts out that he can’t handle the feather on his bare feet, so Max pins down each foot and uses the deadly red torture device to slowly stroke the trapped sole.  Cal really can’t stand it and goes crazy as the ticklish sensations course through his bare feet and go right to his brain.  Cal’s legs are not spared and Max attacks again, using the feather to destroy his vulnerable inner thighs.  Cal is a wreck as he struggles against his tights bonds, but he is forced to take all the tickling torment Max has to dish out.  When Max uses the feather to invade Cal’s ears and neck, the jock almost loses his mind from the intense, torturous feeling.  Max completely owns Cal as he pushes the ticklish guy way past his limits.

Total Run-time: 10 minutes, 49 seconds

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