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Uncle Jess versus John Bronco

If the only exposure you have to an "Uncle Jess" is the old show the Dukes of Hazard, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Here, Uncle Jess is a tanned, toned, exquisite specimen of a man who takes on an opponent who gives away nothing in the physique department, Bronco. 

The pair spend the opening moments of this bout posing for the camera, allowing the viewer to take them in in all their glory.  As the two start to actually battle, power move after move are traded between the pair until one decides to release the hold.  Rather than going at each other once again, the two spend the time between moves appreciating each others bodies, feeling the muscles of their opponent, obviously impressed with what the other man brings to the battle.  After a shor time, the battle is joined once again, and full nelsons, bearhugs, knees to the crotch  and nipple twists all serve to deliver pain. 

Eventually, one of the pair is forced to admit that "They quit" and instead of posing over the vanquished stud, the pair once more begin an extended session of feeling up the chest, arms and legs of the person they were mere moments ago trying to defeat.  As a viewer, you feel at times like a crowd cheering for your athlete, and at other times almost as a voyeur watching two people have some more intimate moments.  Either way, you will be a winner!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 06 seconds

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