Brute Baynard vs. Wayne The Jobber (From The Vault)

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FROM THE VAULT:  The FTV series presents some of your favorite W4H wrestlers early in their underground career, or early matches filmed that formed the foundation of the W4H empire.  Poor Wayne the Jobber.  From the very first seconds, it is painfully clear how supremely outclassed he is.  Facing a much larger, more powerful Bruce Baynard, I fear the only thing Wayne can possibly hope for is that he is still walking by the end of the match.  We can only hope!
Wayne's attempt to get Bruce off his feet would be funny if it weren't so serious how much punishment he takes as a result of his efforts.  Slung over the big man's back, Wayne's only response is to scream in pain and try to distract Bruce will his ongoing monologue throughout the match.  Bruce has his way with Wayne, whether raking his eyes with his boot, placing him in the ring apron for some extended punishment, or stepping on the poor Wayne's chest in a sign of his dominance.
The ending for our poor Wayne occurs in a truly amazing display of power as Bruce picks Wayne up into a suplex and walks around the ring with Wayne upside down, all the blood rushing to the jobbers head.  When he finally decides to deliver his opponent to the mat, it is in a thunderous smack to the back of Wayne, enough so that Bruce can finally claim victory, his opponent to continue and Bruce having had enough of his playtime with Wayne.  A true beatdown of a jobber and a cautionary tale that one should scout out their opponent before stepping into the ring against them!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 43 seconds

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