Brute Baynard vs. Joey Nux

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Brute: Bald. Bearded. Hairy. Hard-muscled. This dude looks like he should be somebody’s bodyguard, what with those massive, veiny biceps and thighs. His neck looks like it could snap a leather belt. Joey ain’t impressed with the deep-voiced stud, calling him out for picking on little Dustin. Joey sizes up the brute, comin’ at him with his own well-sculpted physique and his department store mannequin face. He’s powerful, but is he a match for Brute?

Amazingly, Joey grinds the hairy Brute into the wall and slams him into the floor, but Brute isn’t down for long, applying painful pressure point torture to Joey’s hard, inflexible bod. Deep, painful gasps for air leave Joey flat on the mat, his freckled back inflating like a balloon as he fights to regain his breath. A punishing camel clutch has Brute barking “give up!” in that rich, bass voice. You get the feeling you’d do whatever he told you to do, but Joey doesn’t know what’s good for him.

“You’re a big bully,” gasps Joey.

“I’m an alpha!” roars Brute, correcting Joey for his smack.

This is a slow motion muscle fest for anybody who appreciates powerful, sculpted bodies working hard and fighting to defend their honor. One thing’s for sure, one dude ain’t walking away from this match.

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes. 2 seconds

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