Brute Baynard & Joey Nux vs. Christian Thorn

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Brute and Joey might be the team made in heaven. Each man boasts an impressive physique. Brute with his natural power, like something out of an old-timey muscleman fantasy with his broad chest and shoulders. Joey with his expressionless department store mannequin face and his serious action figure trunk, biceps, pecs, and thighs. Two very different musculatures working in tandem to destroy one dude after another.

Lucky for you the toy of the week is muscle-cutie Christian Thorn. Brute clamps his massive arms around Christian’s tiny torso, taunting him and daring him to keep fighting. Christian, to his credit, lunges at these mammoth men like David without his sling. Christian’s body is practically offered up to the gods as a sacrifice in this, all those pretty muscles of his useless against this pair of titanic bruisers, each one gaining more and more demented ideas by bouncing them off of each other.

Joey carries Christian on his shoulders while Brute goes back-to-back with him to pull Christian apart like taffy. Christian is passed around like a piece of paper, his flailing, bare feet rarely touching the floor for extended periods of time. When he does hit the floor again, it’s only because it’s time for some symmetrical punishment. Legs and arms are all but pulled off, and powerful bullies pose and preen, and pull the kid’s hair to lift him up again and again. Christian deserves a Jobber of the Year award for this one...if he survives.

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 21 seconds

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