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Meaty and Bronco are two pretty large, impressive specimens of a man.  As we join the mat match, the two are already at each other and are sweating profusely.  In fact, there is so much sweat on the mat that the two seem to slide over it.  When Bronco manages to get Meaty in a head scissor, it is not long before Meaty, squirms (added by his sweaty body) away and returns the favor and has Bronco in his scissor lock.  Meaty manages to cinch it in good and tight, and soon Bronco has to tap from the pressure.  Meaty throws in some trash talking for good measure, and the pair are soon standing back up ready to go at it again.
Bronco is not to be outdone though, and soon he is back on top of Meaty and gets him in a sleeper hold, from which Meaty is forced to tap out to before he falls unconscious.  The drain this bout is taking on each of the combatants is evident as they struggle to get themselves up off the mat and start another fall.  But start another fall they do, and soon they are both back on the mat, squirming in an our holds, gaining the advantage only to lose it again, back and forth the pair go, until one gets the other in another leg scissor around their opponent's head, and as they squeeze tighter and tighter, force the other grappler to tap out one more time.  Two very large powerful, muscular studs going at each other tooth and nail, all for our enjoyment!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  11 minutes, 04 seconds

Customer Reviews

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David Hagen
Sweatiest match ever

Enjoyed the match, but would have enjoyed seeing these 2 before they got sweaty

jack wall
Muscle work wrestling!!

I loved the muscle power each man brought to this match. Both wrestlers working so hard that the sweat flowed down their muscles like rivers. I am so impressed with the muscle progress that Meaty has made with his physique. It looked like he was going to take the match but Bronco was not going to let that happen. Bronco was also at his Muscle best looking like he was ready to display his muscular body with tight posing trunks framing his physique!! Bronco laid his muscular body on top of Meaty's body and Meaty had a hard time moving him. Bronco's Final creative move captured the win for him!! LOVED THIS MATCH!!

Alex Aho


Steve Scuderi

Outstanding barefoot muscle.

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