Bronco vs. Cuban Heartbreaker

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The Cuban Heartbreaker is an impressive physical specimen.  Powerful, muscular, almost chiseled from marble.  So it is no small thing when he steps onto the mat against Bronco, who is a fair amount taller and heavier than him.  I doubt Cuban Heartbreaker has stared across the mat at someone who dwarfs him in both size and musculature.  The Heartbreaker soon finds that Bronco's size has two advantages, it makes it easier for Bronco to put him in a full nelson, and two, although Heartbreaker is able to grab Bronco for a full nelson to a quick headlock, it is much difficult to keep his opponent there when he towers over you.  
Cuban Heartbreaker does quickly figure out, however, that immutable wrestling law when facing larger individuals.....get them on the mat.  He manages to do this and he soon finds he is able to move from defense to offense and has the bigger man breathing heavily and grunting in pain.  Oftentimes Bronco will find his head between Heartbreaker's tremendous legs, being squeezed as though in a vise.  Bronco is able to reverse the moves several times though and he is able to then give as good as he has given, making sure Cuban completely understands what it means to be controlled by a powerful man.
There can be only one winner though and the winner of this match is the one who can literally outlast their opponent.  Although difference insize, both seem to be equal when it comes to the power department, and so it will come down to who has is better in the cardio department, since often the biggest issue can be the big men losing their wind.  One man gets trapped in between his opponents legs, his speedo wedged up in his asscrack, his ass cheeks slapped in humiliation, and then grabbed into a sleeper hold, soon to slide off into unconsciousness.  The winner quickly moves to a heavily weighted barbell to show off some dead lifts.  A great bout between two stellar bodies!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 51 seconds

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