Brendan Byers vs. Elite Eliot

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What happens when you get two alpha males in the same ring?  That's the dilemma that both Elite Eliot and Brendan Byers face - they stare across the ring at a man who thinks they are every bit the alpha male they claim to be, in fact, even more-so.  It all begins with Brendan doing some light weightlifting when Eliot enters the ring and starts the trash talking.  As one could imagine, it all goes downhill from there.  Brendan has added some mass since we last saw him, and he is not afraid to use every pound.  On the other hand, Eliot is, and always has been a ring tactician, using his years of professional wrestling to his advantage in the underground wrestling world.
Eliot takes the upper hand in the opening minutes of the bout, controlling Byers from the onset.  He is not about to be outdone by some wannabe wrestler who doesn't have the experience in the squared circle that he does. He forgets one very important factor though, you don't need any experience to deliver a low blow, and that is exactly what Byers does to equalize the bout!  Having brought the ring veteran to his knees in the ring, Brendan is then free to use some of his power moves to try and weaken Eliot. Several attempts to pin Eliot see him kicking out before the three count, and the bout continues.
Back and forth the two go, Elite Eliot using his training to try and subdue the big man, while Brendan sticks to power moves and more low blows to get his point across. Between the muscle, the bravado, and the brutality, one dominant alpha will step up and propel into victory.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 29 seconds

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