Brady vs. Katy Katz

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Katy Katz isn’t known for being a nice lady, thus she is known as an arch villain. Our cameras find Brady, played by Braden Charron, waking up as he is blindfolded and tied/strapped to a prison wall.

Katy Katz has drugged him and he is slowly coming around. Katy toys with Brady, proving she is quite the dominatrix. She runs her claws over his chest and body, grabs his package, and generally toys with him. She finally removes the covers on his eyes, allowing him to see her, in hopes that he will be more willing to “play” with her. She pulls on his tiny yellow trunks, only to discover and even tinier yellow thong. She finally gets him to admit he finds her gorgeous.

Miss Katz is enjoying playing with her latest pawn. She continues to grab Brady’s package and use her whip on him. Brady is forced to beg to be released, even promising Katy Katz anything she wants if she releases him. She wants to “play” with Brady, but he refuses. When asked what the Super Heroes can offer him, he responds with “truth and justice.” Katy Katz asks where they are and why they aren’t coming in to save him. She continues with chokes, nipple twists, gut bashing, whipping, and ball squeezing. Brady is definitely at her mercy. Katy Katz releases Brady, but gut punches him and throws him on the mats as she literally whips his ass.

Once on the mats, Brady is punished more than when he was tied to the wall. Brady’s ass is bright red from the whipping and spanking. Regardless of what Katy Katz does to him, Brady keeps resisting and trying to fight back. Sadly, it is to no avail as he is a mouse to the cat. She determines that Brady just likes getting beat. We’re not sure how accurate that is, but he seems unable to put up any defense against this villain. He’s out cold, face  down on the mats as Katy climbs and claws all over his defeated body.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 17 seconds

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