Braden Charron (Workout Video)

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Recently, I have been experimenting with different themes. Braden Charron, my former roommate, had been begging me to film him working out in the gym. He guaranteed it'd be a top-seller.

We got together in a small town in New Hampshire to film a solo video of Braden doing his "Total Body Workout." He admires himself in the mirror as he goes from press-to-press, lift-to-lift, all the while looking like a Greek-God.

I had no idea what I was filming. This 60+ minute workout has been cropped down by a friend of mine into a product that I am EXTREMELY happy with. He gave me a hell of a deal of his normal "Day Rate," but still I invested the most money into making this video. I truly hope you find it worthwhile.

I welcome feedback and hope you enjoy this new series.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 27 minutes 

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