Braden Charron vs. Nick Justice (From The Vault)

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This match opens with a masked Nick Justice doing some stretching. Braden Charron soon shows up and decides to show him how a real man works out. After showing Nick how to pose, Braden soon finds out that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. With the mask, he has no idea who he's firing up. Amateur champion bodybuilder Braden Charron was about to find out what a professional wrestler with a mean streak can do.

From arm bars to head butts, rear facelocks to leg scissors Nick punishes Braden . His cries of torment only spurring Nick on. Nick gets Braden on his back with a gut wrenching abdomnal claw and offers Braden the chance to stop. Braden foolishly declines and the torture continues. Catching Nick Justice in a bear hug, Braden takes the wind out of his sails. This doesn't last for long. Nick soon has Braden back in an excruciating submission and again the torture continues.

Putting Braden in a leg scissor abdominal stretch, Nick softens him up for what is to come. Even an occasional second wind can't stop the verbal and physical abuse that Braden receives. Some well-placed knees to the back bring the pain. Add a deep rear facelock and the pain is complete. Suddenly, in an unexpected twist, Braden gets Nick into a tight cross shoulder backbreaker. A pin and a pose before going back into the backbreaker just to drive the message home. 

Total Run-time: 25 minutes

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