Braden Charron vs. Nick Justice (Championship Match)

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Braden is one sexy man! He’s in the ring, Championship Belt on his shoulder, bragging about his 13 years of wrestling experience. He admits that Nick Justice has been running through his opponents at W4H, but says he isn’t ready for this match. This is some of the most serious trash-talking we’ve seen. Nick talks about having 12 years of wrestling experience and that he became depressed and opened his dungeon when Braden previously beat him. He further talks about how he’s losing weight and will get shredded again. He talks about eating the souls of his victims. Braden appears to have a slight look of fear in his eyes. As Braden puts down the belt, Nick attacks from behind and the match is on.
Nick is relentless in his attack on Braden, but Braden didn’t get that belt by being a jobber. Nick shows a level of viciousness we rarely see. He pays special attention to Braden’s package with punches, kicks, and even a headbutt. Nick even bites one of Braden’s nipples. He has Braden down on the mat, threatens to take his soul and then take his girl. Nick takes the belt and attempts to smash it into Braden’s head, but the Champ ducks and Nick goes flying over the top rope. Braden goes out of the ring after him and dishes out some punishment of his own. Nick does something we have never seen.
Braden is on his knees in the corner, Nick gets something and puts it around Braden’s neck and ties him to the ring post. That’s just sick! He tries to hit Braden in the head with a chair but misses and nearly knocks himself out when the chair bounces off the top rope and hits him in the head. A piledriver leaves Braden out cold and Nick crying and saying he’s sorry and only wanted someone who would mentor him. The crying turns to rage and he manages to pick up Braden for another piledriver. Nick needs to start calling himself Dr. Demonic, or at least something along those lines. At a minimum, Nick Psycho. Talk about being several cards short of playing with a full deck!!! This guy is freaking nuts!
He does bring out Braden’s belt. One of these two gets body slammed, landing head first onto the Championship Belt. A full-body pin gives an easy three count. Was Braden able to make a comeback and maintain his belt or did the nut job from the dark side emerge as the victor? We won’t spoil the ending.
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 31 seconds

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