Braden Charron vs. Justin Rage (Hotel Fantasy)

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It's late at night and you're stuck in a lonely hotel room. Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters. You're gonna look up Wrestler4Hire. 

That's exactly what my buddy Justin did. He scrolled the talent page on W4H - this one is too this...this one is too that...this one is JUST RIGHT! 

A few moments later this lightweight strolls to his hotel room door to reveal his prize - 225 pounds of Grade A bodybuilder beef, Braden Charron. 

Justin likes what he sees and wants to enjoy it a little more. Braden flexes his bulging biceps and his powerful pecs. Of course, Justin can't help himself and he must touch the goods. However, Justin isn't just here to worship the powerful pretty boy. He has some dastardly plans for that body.

As Braden turns his back to give Justin what he asks, the opportunity arises for Justin to sneak a chloroformed soak rag over the mouth of the brute. Braden squirms and struggles but it's no use. He succumbs to the chemical and is now at the whim of Justin's desires. 

The nipples and balls are the destination for this punishment. Mixed in with a good helping of wedgies. Braden is stripped from his wrestling attire into a skimpy thong. Justin loves it. He's enjoying man-handling the muscle man so much that he wants the world to see it, so he snaps a few selfies side-by-side with the helpless hunk. 

A lot of muscle worship, a ton of ball bashing, nipple twisting & wedgies plus the ultimate hunk of beef.

Is this the perfect Friday night fantasy fight?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 46 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Braden Admirer
Video of the Year!

I've gotta find the service that'll send a post-workout pumped Braden to my door. Until then, this video is the next best thing! But Justin Rage is obviously a better, stronger-willed man than I will ever be, because if Braden ever showed up at my door, I'd immediately crumble in the presence of his muscular dominance. 5 Stars!

Not quite of what I expected

Worshipping a ko’ed muscle god happens to be my fantasy so I purchased the video without much hesitation. The video was good, but different from what I expected. the ko and worship scenes were probably only 1 or 2 minutes in total, the rest of the video was the standard wrestling and domination that we see in all other wrestling videos on the site. Braden is a great actor, would love to see him snoring a bit while knocked out

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